Skoolie Lifestyle and CBD

We at Skoolie Lifestyle (Alan and Alli) have found immense lifestyle elevation through the use of CBD products, specifically  Wellphora CBD products. Wellphora is an Arizona local company that has put in the time and effort to put the best CBD products out on to the market. Our original intention was to be able to be a reseller of Wellphora products and be able to share our experiences with the products while using those experiences to fund our freedom in Lavinia. As it turns out, selling CBD products comes with a host of unexpected complications that we were definitely not prepared for. We are still working on trying to find the best way to go forward with Wellphora, but for now, on this page, you can find links to Wellphora’s main website to purchase their amazing products (use code BUS10 to receive 10% off your purchases) and to our blog to read more about our CBD experience. 

Thank you for your patience, support, and interest.