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On the Road for 4 Months Now

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We have been on the road for 4 months. We feel we have changed, finally, as of this post. We have grown and continue to grow. We have had many lessons thrown at us. We got sick of our own pity party, so we chose to go to a festival. @DescendonBend (Bend, Oregon), we had no idea that just getting there would change our lives. @DescendonBend (Bend, Oregon), we had no idea that just getting there would change our lives. Here we met Heidi, the artist that painted our mural. 

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Rock Artist credit: Joan Pringle

By the grace of the big “G” (any big G you wish), we met people that invited us to join them. Reliving all the missed prom dates Alan and I leapt at the chance. To be invited, that is the greatest feeling. We knew we needed to connect with others, making the road less lonely. But we couldn’t leave Union yet. We had family grandkids and amazing friends to say good-bye to. Mind you all this time, I swore every morning I would blog about it, and never did. Priorities show themselves. 

Reiki with Torrie, Onyx & Alli

How did we discover Union, Oregon? My daughter married someone who dragged her off to Union.  We tried our best not to like Union. But on this third visit, we changed. Perhaps some “big city” chipped off us, or the pure terror we had been holding down, finally gave way to “Fuck it, we’ll figure it out”.  Either way we became more accepting, open and perhaps interesting?? Or is it that we can now openly fart and blame it on my dead mother, Lavinia? 

The changes hadn’t really started until we met up with our friends and went to another festival @northwestnomads.  We made connections and felt a part of this event. We confirmed our purpose with CBD after some great body work by Shami. Met Scott, the man that would fix our solar, so we didn’t burn down. It was life affirming, no jest. Again, we shifted. Our hearts cracked open a little more. Or was it the biggest fight we’d ever had in over twenty years that brought us to our knees. Who cares, the fact that Alan locked eyes with me and said, “We either finish together or we don’t go.” Alan is a sucker for my baby blues. 

We camped with our friends for over a month. Under the tender care of our new friends, we grew wings. We flapped around a good bit, but we have wings growing now. After a really hard goodbye, we parted ways.  We flew off with warm hearts, full bellies, and more wisdom than we felt a right to have.  I healed some of my shit just being with this group! Another bonus, we got to meet a really amazing set of parents that take their lives on the road to shower their kids with experiences. Just like Alan and I say we would do, if we could do it all over again. It was really hard for me to conjure the faith I needed to wave “good-bye” or is it “see ya down the road”?  In the end, I came away with a chosen family.  People that accepted me when my disguises came off. 

We spent some days taking in sunsets. Actually, Alan golfed and hurt his knee and my neck was acting up, so we stayed parked. Shameless plug for Wellphora CBD pain cream. (Link to Wellphora). The pain cream has been a lifesaver. After that little break, we agreed to not blog or anything, if it robs us of real life. So just now, because I have someone to post this for me (still trying to figure that out), this is the update, I promised. 

Eventually, we took flight. We made a few wrong turns and spent our first few nights without WIFI.  We admit we are attached to our WIFI. We listened to the mix of meditations, fairy weirdness and thankfully all my music off my phone.  We giggled, danced and then Lavinia lulled us to sleep with her creaking and shifting. It was magical.

Is it worth it, yes. I know all the nomad blog posts say that, but it’s true. If you are like us and just felt we needed to change, follow our choice of how to change. You might have something different in mind. 

We’re glad you are here. Peace out!  Love Alli

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