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Alan’s CBD & Golf journey

Alan asked me to write about his CBD and Golf experience even though I know nothing about golf. Because I was there, I watched a once active man become despondent and disabled under neck and back pain.

Alan’s reverence for the game of golf is because Alan feels golf tests a man’s character better than any other game. To say Alan is a purist in golf is an understatement. Alan would never fix a lousy lie with the tap of his toe. If you cheat while playing with Alan, it will be the last time you play with him.

In 2013, Alan started having pain from degenerative disc disease. A fancy name for an old disc that has collapsed and the bone is rubbing together, causing pain. The pain is excruciating as it affects every movement made. We tried everything from discectomy to rolfing massage.

All non-invasive treatments failed, and in 2015 Alan had fusion surgery on his neck. In 2018, he had L4, L5 & S1 fusion surgery on his back. This kind of back surgery takes six months in a clamshell cast to recover. The recliner was the only place Alan could be. He slept, worked, and lived in his recliner. Sadly, like his father, Alan cannot tolerate the pain medication. His first weeks out of surgery were most traumatizing from the pain alone.

We begged his doctors for relief, but his doctors released him from care without much hope.  They told Alan he might golf again, but he would never have the full range of motion he once had.  Nor would he never touch his toes or be free of the nerve pain. His level of activity would be up to him. His level of comfort would never be the same.

We turned to CBD for help with the pain.  It has no psychoactive properties like its sister THC, which meant Alan could drive and work while taking it.  We must have spent a small fortune on CBD products. Some worked for a short period, and most didn’t do anything.

Then 2018, on a sunny day in Sedona, AZ.  We stopped at a farmer’s market and met Matt Russell, a retired Peoria Firefighter, and owner of Wellphora. Matt gave Alan a protocol to manage his pain, and it worked.

The Wellphora brand CBD is the only CBD that has worked consistently for Alan’s pain, stiffness, and shooting nerve pain for over four years. The oil taken twice daily alleviates pain and helps him sleep. He credits hot yoga to his flexibility and likes the roll-on pain cream best for in his golf bag.

In 2020, I joined Alan’s same CBD regimen for totally different reasons, but it works for me too. This CBD is a miracle for us and one we will never take for granted.

When we decided to buy a school bus and travel along the west coast, Alli had an opportunity to change careers. We agreed that we wanted it to include Wellphora.  We approached Matt, and we now are brand ambassadors.  We start our travels to share our love of Wellphora in July or July 2022.

Please visit our Wellphora store here on our site.

Thank you, Matt. We are so grateful to you for creating a product that gave us our lives back.

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