Nomads from Arizona

Behind the Scenes

Alan and Allison

We found each other in 2002, and we have been together ever since that first date. Are ages are 56 & 60 as of this posting. After being thoroughly disgusted with the world in 2016, we questioned our lifestyle.

We had gotten complacent, spent our paychecks, and enjoyed every convenience. We examined every alternative living arrangement available to us. We decided society was not who or where we wanted to be. With that, we found a bus a builder and began plans for a business for Alli to promote other nomad artists and writers.

A ten-day test run to Skooliepalooza in January 2022 proved to us that there’s an alternative society waiting for us. We met and fell in love with our tribe. People that we will be friends with for the rest of our lives. With that, our 10-month plan became a 4-month plan.

We will be full-time in May 2022.

Loving Lavinia, an ART installation

Lavinia, our bus, is my Mom’s memory lovingly reimagined as a Big Old Girl. She is a powerful vessel that no one will intimidate, using her massive strength to lift others.

This 1999 Bluebird bus with 8.3 Cummins/DT 643 is my art-in-residency. It’s a stage to promote nomad life, art, music, and writing. Every element of this bus is intentional. I have painstakingly designed every inch of our giant steel tube to be our home and please my Mom. She gets to be liberated and live vicariously through us and our love of all things Hippie.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.